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Jump Up - Uke > Chords and Rhythm

Greeting uke family! I hope you’re able to take a break from the community sing alongs that you’re no doubt playing all the time now to learn a new song. This one is for young people (although if you run across adults who feels like jumping you’ll know what to do!) and can be a great way to tire them out before bedtime. This is a chance to get back to the first key we played in: C. It’s a simple song that needs only C, F, and G chords. As we’re now going deeper we’ll work on a strong strumming pattern, one that can give us some rhythmic drive. This requires some muting to really give the energetic feel that will make kids hop around wildly. We’ll also take a look at an ending riff that’ll give us a flavorful turnaround feel. And, let me mention here that this is song number seven, so please give yourselves a round of applause…that’s a lot of social music! It’s been a treat sharing all this with you and I invite you to leave me comments at any point!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Jump Up

Loop 0:40 Review of C, F, and G7 Chords

Loop 3:02 Breakdown of Rhythm, Palm Muting and Verses

Loop 6:32 End of Verse Riff

Loop 8:47 Call and Response Singing

Loop 11:32 Closing Thoughts

Loop 13:20 Practice Loop


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