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Hey Good Lookin' > Chords and Rhythm

Greetings Guitar People! I don’t know when you’ll need this song, I just know that you will. It’s been my constant companion in so many different parts of the world and it seems like there’s nowhere I can go where it isn't considered solid social music. This song puts us back in the key of G. We’ll be using the II chord which in this case is an A as well as the IV and V chords which, as you know (or can maybe figure out) are the C and D chords. We’ll take a look at alternating bass notes and a simple but completely effective bass run from the G to the A. Hey Good Lookin’ was a huge hit for Hank Williams, Sr. in 1951. Apparently he wrote it in about 20 minutes while traveling in an airplane. This is a good reminder that if you want to take the secret guitar knowledge you’re learning here and write songs it might be helpful to jump in with both feet and not over think things. This is social music, baby!!





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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Hey Good Lookin'

Loop 0:54 Welcome and Finding A New Guitar

Loop 2:50 Breakdown of A Section Chords and Chord Progression

Loop 8:02 Breakdown of B Section Chords and Chord Progression

Loop 9:47 Alternating Bass Notes

Loop 10:56 Getting Inside The Song and Bass Run

Loop 14:12 Practice Loop


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 16:28 Social Music With An Audience

Loop 18:15 Getting Inside the Song




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Jay Jul 28, 2017

having another go at this song, Dan, it's irresistable.

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jul 31, 2017

hey there jay!

sounding great, man! it feels nice and steady, no slowing down or speeding up and the strumming is solid.

it feels like you're more inside the song now (and it looks like you've memorized the lyrics, that's a big part of this!). the more you play it the deeper you'll go!

i noticed you added some hammer-ons when you hit some of the bass notes on the G chord. i think you could add even more of those if you're feeling inspired.

thanks for sending this...it's great to see your progress!

yr pal,


Jay Jun 17, 2017

Thanks for your comments amigo. I'll slow it down and work on the transitions. I see what you mean and it's a good suggestion. 

I'm saving space on the wall here for the plaque. 

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jun 19, 2017

ha!! i hear that....we have to work hard for our plaques these days but as the song says, nice work if you can get it!

keep it up jay, you're solidly on the path.

keep me filled in!

yr pal,


Jay Jun 06, 2017

 here we go, dan. lots of fun singing this song, and really liking this social music idea.


Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jun 16, 2017

hey there jay!

you're on it , man!! that's awesome and i really appreciate the playing here.

it sounds like you've spent a good amount of time with this one. it shows!

i'm best as a cheerleader because there's so much to celebrate but  just in case you want a small suggestion here it is: i think if you slow things down a bit you'll make the transitions from chord to chord a little smoother and then you can pick up the tempo and it'll be nice and clean going through the song.

but basically you've got it, man. hats off to you for this!!!

and thank you for the video. you win the plaque for sending me my first one here at the junction!

yr pal,


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