Terryguitar commented on: Gold Rush Melody - A Part Jul 16, 2019

been here on this site for a while with Duke R..... I also love your playing and lessons. Saw you guys Sunday night at the Woodville Town Hall Adelaide. ....Absolutely wonderful... come back soon!!!... thanks.....

Kind regards Terry

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 08, 2019

Aw, thanks Terry! That was a fun tour. Wish we’d had more time to hang in Australia! It’s one of my favorite places in the world!

Terryguitar commented on: Careless Love Jam Track Jan 27, 2019

Hi Duke,

Love it.... cant wait till May!!


Terryguitar commented on: I'm Confessin' Chords Oct 11, 2014

Hi duke,

great lesson , have you ever recorded it? If so what album? Cheers terry

Terryguitar commented on: Flying Home Chords May 04, 2014

Great stuff ...thanks Duke.  Is there any chance of some hollywood fats in the future? Red Headed woman/ Rock this house etc.

Also, some insights on how you get your sounds...do you usually go straight into the amp of do you use pedals?


Once again thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Kind regardsTerry

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 10, 2014

Hi Terry, I will have to find my Fats CD. Yes, he was fabulous and got to play with him with Muddy Waters. I'll look into doing something of his. 

Terryguitar commented on: Lester Leaps In Lead Nov 14, 2013

Hey RJ ----just saw some of your stuff on utube ....love it

kind regards Terry

Terryguitar commented on: All of Me Soloing with the Melody Sep 29, 2013

Thanks for this. The spiel about playing the melody was as enlightening as the lesson itself.

kind regards Terry

Terryguitar commented on: Eddie Taylor Bad Boy Solo Jul 23, 2013

Hi from Australia ,

just joined the other day and love the site. Can't wait to get home from work and pick up my guitar . I am interested to know your views on tempo our drummer says it is what it is but I think it completely changes the feel of the song. Sometimes our band plays  too fast and I try to pull it back (or maybe I haven't got the chops) but then u lose that playing in the pocket thing......cheers terry

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