Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner commented on: Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow Chords, Rhythm and Fingerpicking Jan 03, 2018

Hi everyone,
the sheet music is somehow missing for this phantastic song.
cheers richard

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 03, 2018

You're right.  Thanks for letting us know.  All fixed.

Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner commented on: I Will Always Love You Arpeggios and Bass Runs May 24, 2017

Hi Dan,

your lessons help me to re-learn the basics. 

I like the stuff the gets me beyond strumming along to the song (bass runs, arpeggios, etc)

At the moment I lack time practicing!

Therefore I find the practice loops of the whole song at the end of the lessons extremly useful. helps to play along and learn on the go. 




Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes May 24, 2017

hey there richard!

that's really good to hear and i think you're not alone. i feel like there's a lot here now for real beginners and i'm going to shift my focus to the intermediate stuff you're talking about. that's really where the music came alive for me.

i had a friend who would set a timer for 9 minutes a few times a day and stop everything and practive for that amount of time. a short time but it adds up to meaningful practice and i don't know about you but i can waste nine minutes doing really ridiculous stuff and practicing doesn't fall into that category!! in other words, if i keep the practice goals realistic and consistant i can really get a lot going on!!

i'm glad you like the too!!

yr pal,


Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner commented on: I Will Always Love You Arpeggios and Bass Runs May 21, 2017

stumbled over this recently - quiet worth sharing. 
the key is different, but its in the spirit of the lesson
bye richard

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes May 21, 2017

hey there richard....thank you for this! what a nice version...

i can see why he was into doing this song, he sounds pretty great singing it! (i could have gone for more guitar subtlties but that's just me...)

how are you doing with this one?

thanks again man!


Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner commented on: Rock Island Line Chords and Alternating Bass Apr 18, 2017

hi dan,

great song - glad to know this marvel now .
I appreciate your lectures very much.
Myself  dabbling around with guitar and uke for quite some time now, I learn and re-learn each lesson a lot.

And of course am trying to find my voice ;-)

cheers richard

one small suggestion - it would be great if the lyrics could added somewhere, too - perhaps thats possible.

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Apr 18, 2017

hello richard!

thank you for your comments, it's great to hear from you!

i'm glad that these lessons are working for you and especially that you're finding your voice. it take s a little time (at least it did for me!) but the pay off is so huge. just to get comfortable with singing and playing means a life time of pleasure and fun with friends and neighbors.

the lyrics are there with the music but i think you're suggesting that there's a way to display them separately too. great idea! i'll pass that along....

thanks for reaching out and stay tuned for more!

yr pal, dan

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