adam herrmann

adam herrmann
Adam Herrmann commented on: Nashville Blues First Solo - Case Study in Patterns Feb 27, 2017


Hey Chris,  I'm new and just started working through some of the lessons but wanted to get something in soon so that I could get some direction on my fundamentals before I get too far ahead of my self. 


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Feb 27, 2017

Hi Adam, welcome! 

Sounding good! You've totally got the notes and the spirit of the notes down. There are two things that jump out at me that you could work on:

1) you are pulling good tone out of the guitar but it feels to me like you may be playing too hard and that may be interfering with a sense of "flow" in your right hand. It's good that you're practicing with the metronome. Try removing beats so that the metronome is clicking half and then a quarter as many times, but you continue playing the same tempo. Some smartphone apps make this super easy to do but you can do it with an old school metronome as well. So if you were playing at 100, set the metronome at 50 or 25. That way, the metronome isn't marking the subdivisions as much and it shifts some of that responsibility to you. This can help with your sense of "flow" and encourage you to lighten up naturally  

2) it looks as if you are pressing and pulling harder with your left hand than you need to. Again, your tone is good, but the sound is heavy. Try to find a "joyous" vibe in how you approach the solo. 



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