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Sloppy Drunk

Intro Breakdown

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Sloppy Drunk > Intro Breakdown

This week we do the intro to "Sloppy Drunk". This involve some double tonguing - saying the syllables doodle-diddle three times. On the doo part you have to bend the 4 draw hole down a step each time before releasing for the rest of the phrase. Phonetics are an important technique in phrasing and attacking your notes correctly.

D harp in key of A.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Key of A
John Lee Williamson
D Harp
Sloppy Drunk

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D Harmonica in the Key of A.  Sloppy Drunk background listening: Sonny Boy I and Jimmy Rodgers

loop @ 0:01 intro & first verse with Rick

loop @ 0:55 rip riff 

loop @ 2:01 triple tonguing technique and riff

loop @ 2:50 whole intro slowly

loop @ 3:07 last riff slowly




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