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This week I break down the second solo chorus of "Cold, Cold Feeling". Coming off the repetitive driving turnaround from the first chorus and then starting the second chorus by going up in pitch to the 6 hole draw really ratchets up the emotion and excitement level. These are devices that are good to have in your "toolbox".

A harp in key of B minor.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
T-Bone Walker
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Rick Russell
Cold Cold Feeling
Key of Bmin

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A Harmonica in the Key of Bmin.  

loop @ 0:00 Jerry Solo with Rick 

loop @ 2:32 Driving Turnaround

loop @ 3:23 Riff #1

loop @ 4:05 Riff #2 & Warbles

loop @ 5:12 Review

loop @ 5:37 Riff #3 from Last Week 

loop @ 6:04 Octaves Riff and End of Solo

loop @ 6:47 How to Build Tension

loop @ 7:59 Closing Thoughts




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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Apr 30, 2014

Hi Ros,

Glad you liked the lesson. Learning some basic patterns in first and third position will give you options in the way you approach a song. Third position is especially applicable to minor keys and it's "haunting" qualities.

Ros Apr 26, 2014

Thanks for returning to this song, Jerry. The detailed breakdown of the two solos provides a clear roadmap, and the explanation of how driving through the turnaround builds drama is the kind of invaluable tip that makes me love your lessons. It would be great to have you or one of your guests lead us through another song in third position in the future -- Phone Booth? Thrill is gone? Ain't no sunshine? Ain't enough comin' in? (these are songs I am chewing on right now, but truly I look forward to any ideas on handling any minor-key song in 2nd or 3rd position). Thanks again for such good teaching!

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