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We are going to be learning a very cool song this month written by Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow that was first recorded in 1934. It has two names oddly enough. It was originally published as "Sweet Marajhuna" but was soon changed to "Lotus Blossom" because of the controversary surrounding it. It's been recorded by many people over the years. I myself recorded it twice! Once with Jimmy Witherspoon for his Spoons Blues album on Stony Plain and I recorded it again for my Duke and Dames of Rhythm album where it was sung by Kelley Hunt, the fabulous pianist and vocalist fron Kansas City. There is even a Latin flavored instrumental version from the 30s by the Castillions. We will learn the song with a few different twists. It's a fun song to sing and play so we'll start with the chords and rhythm for it.







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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Chords and Rhythm

Loop 2:55 Practice Loop of Chords and Rhythm


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Loop 4:28 Closing Thoughts




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