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Johnny's Blues

Solo, First Chorus

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Johnny's Blues > Solo, First Chorus

Hello Friends,

We start working on soloing on Johnny's Blues. I have put together a first chorus of solo employing a stop solo 2 bar intro into it building a typical swing style solo in first position. By the second chorus we will build up to higher on the neck creating more excitement. So next week will work on chorus two.





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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Johnny's Blues First Chorus Solo

Loop 11:30 Practice Loop of Johnny's Blues Intro


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 12:35 Closing Thoughts




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stevieboy Nov 23, 2019

The ii-V licks at the end of the solo chorus, you gave us those in a previous lesson, forget which one but they stuck with me and I've really adapted those in my playing, very cool and useful.  Someitmes combined as a whole ii-V, or even a V-IV (cheating I know!), sometimes individually in different contexts.  Just had a quick viewing of the lesson so far, with no guitar in hand, still having my coffee here on the West Coast, but looking forward to going through the whole chorus.

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