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Hello Friends,

I hope you are all safe and using your time to practice! This week we are working on the solo and last verse for "I don't Want No Woman." And what a solo it is! It's a study in simplicity and also in the variety and beauty of improvisation. As I said on the end of our last lesson, Clarence Holiman prepares for his solo here by building up with a double stop for the last 2 bars of the second vocal verse building to an explosive start of his seemingly simple solo. Although the actual notes are few, the way he twists and turns the lines around and back again sets off his line of riffs like a bunch of fireworks! Taking the same 6 notes through most of the solo and repeating, reversing and mixing them in a twisted ball of pure blues power. As I said, the solo is improvised and though he may have had a basic concept for it, but his changing patterns back a forth seems to me more like a free flight than a planned attack. This solo, and his playing though out this entire recording is urban blues at its finest. Have fun working on this and let's hear your take on this timeless classic.





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Aug 03, 2020

Hi Charlie, For some reason the video of I Don't Want No Woman  wouldn't play and says private video???

charlie Aug 02, 2020

Here's my take - I deliberaltly played over the last vocal verse as though it was extended solo (not that I'm one of THOSE players!!!!)

charlie Jul 28, 2020

Awesome lesson, tone and advice! Thanks Duke. 


The tracks great and I'll work on a video this week. But can I share this? It's an "original" the band plays that I realise is basically this song (only nowhere near as good of course!!!) Never felt I quite nailed it - could never find the way I wanted to approach it, couldn't work out if it was B.B, T-Bone, Louis Prima (and I'm nowhere near good enough to play like me yet!) But this versions pretty decent (I hope)

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Aug 03, 2020

This one played and it's very good. Nice tune and I recognized quite a few lines in your solo and the outro. Very nice!

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