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Two Way Boogie

First Chorus Breakdown

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Two Way Boogie > First Chorus Breakdown

Hi Junctioneers - This week we start looking at my Two Way Boogie. The first chorus here is more of a basic look at playing a typical "Boogie" pattern on 2nd position blues harp. If you want to play great blues harp, and you don't know this by heart, now is a good time to really put a little effort in and nail this! It's definitely one of the foundational patterns for rhythm in blues harp, and we will explore it even further later in this song.

Grab your harps & let's Boogie!!

- Dennis Gruenling



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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Bb Harp in the Key of F.

Loop 0:00 Introduction to Two Way Boogie

Loop 1:25 Tongue Block Shuffle Breakdown

Loop 2:57 I Chord Breakdown

Loop 4:07 I Chord Practice Loop

Loop 4:24 IV Chord Breakdown

Loop 6:05 Practice Loop of First 8 Bars

Loop 6:35 V Chord and Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 8:17 Practice Loop of V Chord and Turnaround

Loop 8:38 Slow Practice Loop of First Chorus

Loop 9:20 At Tempo Practice Loop of First Chorus

Loop 9:52 How To Learn and Practice It





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