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Don't Ever Be Blue

Right Hand and Vocals

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Don't Ever Be Blue > Right Hand and Vocals

Hi there Sonic peeps!!!

This is the second lesson featuring the original tune, "Don't Ever Be Blue", from my album, "My Gift To You". Last week we started with the left hand and I asked that you think Waltz...a Creole or Cajun Waltz...but have the left hand think, 'non-traditional stride'.

This lesson here's what to focus on...

Right hand and vocal melody

Learn the melody.

Learn to sing it.

Learn to play it.

Add the harmony below the melody.

Sing and play all of it to become familiar with all parts.

Practice with a metronome!!!!!

Start slowly!

Next week, we'll go over the bridge of, "Don't Ever Be Blue".

If you got any questions just hit me up - I'm around!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Don't Ever Be Blue
Davell Crawford

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Loop 2:36 Run-Through of Don't Ever Be Blue


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 5:02 Breakdown of Right Hand

Loop 11:30 Right Hand Practice Loop  

Loop 13:36 Closing Thoughts

Loop 15:08 Outro





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