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In this lesson I discuss the pull-off, a very important part of the main riff. Variations on the lower octave end of the main riff are also taught. There is a brief discussion on endings and we finish with a focus on how to sing the melody while playing the main riff. Please pay close attention to the tempo...not too fast! I like to think about it like riding a horse.

Good luck!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open E Tuning
Corey Harris
Open E Tuning
Mississippi Fred McDowell
Highway 61

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Open E Tuning (E B E G# B E). Highway 61 background listening: Mississippi Fred McDowel

loop @ 1:33 open E tuning

loop @ 2:13 review of main riff, pull-off and variations

loop @ 9:44 dampening and choking

loop @ 10:40 ending #1

$6.0 $1. $2.0.$1.0 $2.3.$1.0 $2.3.$1.0 $2.3.$1.0 $2.2.$1.0 $2.2.$1.0 $2.2.$1.0 $2.1.$1.0 $2.1.$1.0 $2.1.$1.0 | $2.0.$1.0 $1. $1. $2.0.$1.0 $2.2.$1.0 $1. $2.3.$1.0 $1. $6.0 $1. |

loop @ 11:17 ending #2

$6.0 $1. $1. $5.3.$2.3.$1.0 $1. $5.3.$2.3.$1.0 $5.2.$2.2.$1.0 $1. $5.2.$2.2.$1.0 $6.3^ $1. $4.0.$1.0 | $6.0 $1. $2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.2.$1.0 $1. $6.0.$3.2/3 $1. $2.0.$1.0 $1. $1. | $6.0 $1. $1

loop @ 12:36 singing



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Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Aug 09, 2013

@Corey....grazie...Yes that riff came by accident like a kind of that days I was reviewing Catfish Blues and I  did it unconsciously. After I heard I thought by myself ... "well it does not sound so bad! Cool!!!" and I rearranged in such a way that made sense within the song. I love  when these things happen to me because at least I feel I have done something of my own instead of replicating something done by others. It is a passage that I miss now, apart from the technical discourse off course. About singing I always knew little. I have always focused on being tonato without actually ever notice that there is a groove in the singing,accents etc and in fact I really liked that you talked about it in the previous lessons. I like to take guitar lessons, but take singing lessons is something I've always desidered. Thank you for having added to the schedule of classes!

A presto :)


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Aug 08, 2013

@JD ok thanks very much.  it is great having such capable students with whom to learn new material.  bonnes vacances!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Aug 08, 2013

@ Alex..sounds good, especailly the rhythm of your playing.  the tempo could be just a little bit slower....  I noticed that you have added a riff at the end of the four chord before the transition to the five chord.  it sounds like that was intentional, which is cool.  make sure you throw in some variations here and there (not too much) to make the song more interesting.  i would also say listen to how the song is sung (find other versions on youtube) and the phrasing (rhythm of the words)...make sure that the words flow and that you are singing each word with feeling and in the beat.  good job.

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Aug 06, 2013's my feedback....hard list to sing and play the same time...thanks for the lesson...:)

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Aug 03, 2013

Hello Corey, i'm in vacation now. i have only my phone for internet.  

Thanks for your feedback.  My video was a draft i wanted to send before leaving. Now,  i'm work ingénieur precisely the melody and the riff of the first run through but i still havn't see the 2 Last vidéo...

 Hope you have some vacation between your concert ! And Thanks for all you do for us,  I've learn a lot with à Master like you ! 

Take care




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