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Boats Up the River

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In this final lesson on the the tune Boats Up River, we do a quick review of what we have learned. Then we discuss the lyrics and how to effectively end the song. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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Corey Harris
John Jackson
Boats Up The River

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Boats Up the River background listening: John Jackson

loop @ 1:00 review 

loop @ 3:37 approach to singing / run-through with singing / lyrics / run-through #2 with singing

loop @ 7:30 endings 

Ending #1

$5.3.$1.0 $1.3 $4.2.$3.0 $1.0 $5.3 $2.1 $4.2.$3.0 $3.2 | $6.1 $2.1 $4.3.$3.2 $2.0 $6.3 $2.3 $4.0.$3.0 | $5.3.$2.1 $6.3 $5.0 $5.2 | $5.3.$4.2.$3.0.$2.1.$1.0 |

Ending #2

$5.3.$1.0 $1.3 $4.2.$3.0 $1.0 $5.3 $2.1 $4.2.$3.0 $3.2 | $6.1 $2.1 $4.3.$3.2 $2.0 $6.3 $2.3 $4.0.$3.0 | $5.3.$2.1 $4.4.$2.4 $1.0 $2.1 $3.2 $3.0 $4.2 $5.3 | $3.0 $3.2 $5.3.$4.2.$3.3.$2.1.$1.0 |

Ending #3

$5.3.$1.0 $1.3 $4.2.$3.0 $1.0 $5.3 $2.1 $4.2.$3.0 $3.2 | $6.1 $2.1 $4.3.$3.2 $2.0 $6.3 $2.3 $4.0.$3.0 | $5.3.$2.1 $6.3 $5.0 $5.3 | $5.3.$4.2.$3.3.$2.1.$1.0 |




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JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Feb 22, 2013

Yes your voice is a muscle ! As singin a lot for 4months i've notice many things change : i'm getting higher and lower register and getting more confident. Like a instrument i explore my register differently. My teacher and some guitarist friends who took lesson said that it take 3 years to feel good and make real progress with you voice. So the thing is too sing over and over and looking back you see the progress :) as a teacher i always say too my students to not focus on result because what you learn today is going to be assimilate in six month but today you can see that you've get the things we've worked six monthe ago.

Thanks for your wonderful website Mike and thanks for you lesson and you advice Corey.




Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 20, 2013

@jdy and mike...yes jdy you are very right about singing with your belly (diaphragm).  mike make sure your breath is coming from deep down and your voice will be fuller.  you can practice diaphragm breathing when you are not singing, which will also help.  no fear!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 20, 2013

@mike...your have a good instrument (your voice)...just practice and get more comfrotable with it.  It does sound like you are a little tentative/not confident.  I think that the best singers are not the ones with the 'greatest' voices, but those who know how to use their voice in a original way.  I would suggest recording yourself playing the tune without singing and then singing along to the recording without your guitar (just do this once).  Then record yourself singing to the recording of yourself playing.  Listen to it and compare it to when you are singing an playing with the guitar.  See if you can tell a difference.  Sometimes we can get to focused on playing the guitar that we forget to sing the way we need to.  Above all, just keep singing the tunes you are learning, all the time.  Slow down the vocals and dissect them into parts, examine them: are you singing in a way that moves you?  If not, then make little adjustments over time. You will get to where you are going.  If Bob Dylan can sing then we all can....

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Feb 10, 2013

@Mike, thanks for the compliment ;) You are progressing too, and singing is good too ! There's a lot of emotion in your singing ! The best advise is too sing and sing again to train your voice and have confidence in it. You also may breath more i think. Taking more air and breath with your belly (i don't know how to call in english this kind of respiration). As said Corey even if your voice is like a stella guitar you can put a lot of feeling in it :) ! This advice make sense for me and i'm less affraid of singin now !




Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 08, 2013

@JD .. you sound great!  I love the singing and playing.  Great to see.  

Hi Corey .. Here's where I am with the tune.  Would be great to get your thoughts on my playing and singing.  I know I have a long, long way to go on my singing ... but I would really like to learn how to sing ... so please let me know what I should work on.  Thanks!


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 27, 2013

@Mike - Glad that you like the tune.  Keep taking it slow and enjoy the journey.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 27, 2013

@ JD It sounds great.  Nice job and thanks for sharing.  Especially dig the ending....



JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Jan 26, 2013

Thank you Alex your compliment makes my day :)

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 23, 2013

@Jd....Great!!!! So nice the way you play and sing too!!! ;))

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Jan 21, 2013

Hello Corey, here's my attemp after one hour of takes. I give you a slow version because i know i usually play too fast. I know John Jackson version is quite quick on "don't let you deal go down" but i tried to slow it down.

I'm based on John Jackson chord version because i had a video with him and work both with your version and his version. I take his version because that the version i had on my mp3 reader and in my head. This song is not so easy because of the 6/4 measures so i stay with my version although i like your bridge with the F chord ! And it's you who inspired me to work on this beautiful song !

It takes a long time to master a song, i'm still working on That never happen no more and working bumble bee and keep your lamb. I think it's 6month (or more) to get confortable with a song maybe i'll repost other version this summer ;)





Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 19, 2013

Hi Corey ... again, love this tune!  I was just playing it with the sun coming through the window this AM.  What a beautiful experience.  I'm now working on the middle section and going between the first and middle section.  Will work on endings next.  Thanks for the feedback on the first section .. I'm picking it more stacato (no slides) and it does sound better.  It's amazing how taking it slow as you suggest works.  Thanks again!

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