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Hello All!

This week I'll be showing you the B-part to Jerusalem Ridge. This section of the tune has a couple of cool features: a slid double stop to start the section and a new way of shifting up the neck to a higher position. One thing that I love about this portion of the melody is how "rangey" it is. I love that it goes up to the high E at the 12th fret of the high E string. You really have to use the whole fingerboard to play this melody.






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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Jerusalem Ridge B Part


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 0:25 Breakdown of B Part to Jerusalem Ridge

Loop 15:26 Slow Practice Loop of B Part to Jerusalem Ridge

Loop 16:10 Closing Thoughts

Loop 16:33 Rhythm Practice Loop





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jun 03, 2017

After struggling for a week and doing some scale exercises and whatnot, I've got this B Part video. It isn't up to speed or flawless but I thought worthy of a check in - check out. I have a tendency to add notes, miss notes and make up my own notes so before I get too far along I'm posting. The goal being to put all of the parts together and play the tune as a whole. Yea ... thats the goal. Sorry about the knees.


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jun 20, 2017

Kip, you got it. Those were all the notes that I was playing. I do think that you could relax a bit more on the slides/jumps, where you are going from one part of the neck to another. You're playing the notes right but see how relaxed you can feel as you land the notes. I think that if those slides were a bit more relaxed then the rest (which already seems pretty relased) will get better. 

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